Sunday, December 12, 2010

Funky Findz VINTAGE glasses resulted in being Featured in Madison Magazine THE CURB-Video of Reinke recycled phone !!!

The magazine with moxie, produced by UW-Madison students for the bold,
smart Wisconsin woman

This pair of glasses caught the attention of
Madison Wisconsin reporter Julie Brenner

Which you can see are featured in this very nice fashion spread, number 5, that's my store

Crafting a career: Wisconsinites on Etsy

Interesting and informative aritcle written by Brenner, where my recycled chocolate phone is featured.

How did this all happen?
I received another in box at my main etsy store from someone asking if I would send them a pair of vintage glasses so they could photograph them for a magazine article they were doing in my home state of Wisconsin , at the capital city of Madison. She promised to mail them right back, in the letter she gave me her phone number and other details. Initially I was going to delete it and considered even reporting the message as spam for who in their right mind would send merchandise to anyone without them paying for it? What did they take me for? It was a collage paper called the curb both in print and on line .

I checked out the link of the on line paper and called the author of the letter,Julie Brenner. We had a nice conversation , and she seemed sincere, I liked her too she. During the course of our discussions I asked her what she was writing about, and she replied that it would feature etsy female artists/designers. I promptly told her about my recycled art and promised to send links of my recycled art section and blog. After I learned that the artists had been chosen prior to contacting myself, a bit disappointed , I chatted with her about etsy and asked if she ever heard of regretsy ?She had not. I shared my experience with her about my phone. Which can be read at these two blogs FEATURED MIXED EMOTIONS and REGRETESTY freind or foe of etsy? Brenner became interested in writing or featuring a side link or feature on regretesy with my recycled mink phone. I sent her links to the site, to the page that featured my phone and my two blog posts covering my mixed emotions on the entire ordeal.

I decided to trust her, what the heck, I would just send out the glasses ...if my hunch was wrong I wasn't out that much . I mailed them out. In the meantime, when she wrote me that she was indeed interested in regretsy and asked me "Would you take an interview on the subject.? "Yes, I would love to!" was my reply, realizing that any and all publicity is good. In fact some have said that "Notoriety is the best publicity of all". I simply told her my process of feeling completely demoralized to elated, after my phone sold.

Yesterday , Brenner sent me the link to the article, or rather video that she put together. on the subject. I feel she did a very nice job, I think I sound like I talk to fast and the audio on my recording is not the best. But hey, I made it to youtube! Please check out the page Regresty Friend or foe of etsy by Brenner .


The moral to this story? Sometimes it pays to trust...and put aside any shame,fear, embarrassment whatsoever in the name of getting your name out the world. I am proud that I made it to Madison , I used to live there for 11 years when I owned Caturas Framing Gallery. For myself, I feel that all my hard work, effort and persistence has paid off in this momentary glimpse of fame! Thanks Julie for spotting my glasses at etsy and pushing to bring regretesty to other etsy sellers.

Julie Brenner

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