Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found a friend at Eureka Springs art show

Just Reminiscing .... a distinctive touch of yesteryear!

Karen busy at work on another master piece, adding charms,lockets, watches or buttons really whatever hits her fancy and fits into her vision of the design at hand.

I made a rather quick decision the week before Thanksgiving, my mother invited me to visit her, she lives in Branson Missouri for the Holidays. My long and dearest friend, whom I lived with in Sedona Arizona, who now lives in Missouri, while talking one night over a stiff brandy, suggested while I was visiting , I should drop down to Eureka springs Arkansas , meet her and do the fall art show . Why not? I frantically packed and created smaller items that would fit into my car, here are two examples, I enjoyed making these immensely by the way and am itching to make more.

When we walked into the door I spotted a women with a moss green vintage coat with golden mink collar and immediately I had that sense of recognition, in fact I made a comment to her that she looked familiar, we exchanged causal greetings and both got to work setting up shop sort to speak.

Garvin and Victoria are stain glass artists, altered art and jewelers, here we see them hard at work putting together the stand required to hang their beautiful works of stain glass. It was a very frenzied time , as we arrived at 3:00 and had to be out sharply at 5:00, the only uncompromising rule the artists had to obey. We barely made it, in fact towards the end we had to throw items under the counter to clean up for the judging of the best booth. No hope for us, simply not enough time. Did we have a shot? maybe. Gavin bought a light show projector which was indebted to play with the crystal and glass and simply dazzle the crowd. Not enough time, fabirc or space, live and learn.

This is simply brilliant, Karen takes vintage/antique lace table clothes, dollies, etc and creates beautiful stunning one of a kind vests, she designs them and her talented mother puts them together by hand.

Once we got our space set up, I could instantly see why I had my "lovely to see you again" (Moody Blues lyric) moment with Karen. I was instantly drawn to her booth and her work , which I immediately fell in love with! You can see why. I purchased a charm bracelet with the proceeds from my first sale and put it on. It has a big locket (with opens) covered in leopard print and is chunky and elegant. Towards the end of the show, we exchanged cards and I ran the idea past her of joining forces with my etsy store I purchased some of her vintage buttons with the intention of listing them for sale at my etsy store and here they are !! It is my hope that we forge a meaningful collaboration!

Recycled Artist--Karen Fererro
I don't ever remember ever becoming an artist, I have always been one . I have created a career that is just an extension of who I am. A lot of my art is inspired by found objects, antique keys, old metal objects and unusual things. I have endless supply of ideas to repurpose items to make a decorative ornament, a wearable item or a piece of jewelry. My designs are born out of everyday things we see all around us but don't usually notice. I love to adopt objects others want to throw out. Creative uses for cast-away items, call it recycling up-cycling creating new design with individuality and style. My work reflects my adventurist spirit my determination enthusiasm and off beat humor.

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