Thursday, December 16, 2010

Custom order Recycled vintage suitcase "Day at the Beach" by C. Reinke

groovy funky and functional

take her on the plane

Vintage recycled suitcase title 'Day at the Beach " (view transaction here )was purchase, after payment the buyer noticed that it mentioned that it was not recommend for airplane travel at which time I offered to make a similar suitcase that could go into the belly of the plain, with much style I might add.

Here is the result. I found the most groovy vintage 1960s fabric in the same color tones as the original case, this is a Samonsite which is a better case than the original, I did not add beads or outside trim other than vintage rick rack and lace which could be covered in varnish.

Funky inside when you open your case! The same fabric, vintage trim , soft feathers and gems of frogs and turtles. Note the nice straps for holding in your luggage.

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This case has an extra compartment!


  1. it's beautiful. i like this better than the first one. its neat and clean. thanks~!

  2. yes! please mail it soon. i'm excited...


Photos by C. Reinke HAUNTED HOUSE