Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Click on each picture to see a quality enlargement.
I had to share these with you for in all my years
of collecting, I've never come across anything
like these. I only seen shoes like these
at the museum. They are tiny and narrow and
I wonder who wore them over one hundred years ago.

Highly collectible antique museum quality
shoes form as early as the mid 1800's.
Look at the "witches' shoe, or bridal shoe,
high quality silk and glass beads with a
lovely star on each toe.
These are one of my personal favorites.

They are so well made that they are really works of art.
The leather soles, the tiny nails, the softness of the
leather, I have never felt any as soft as some
of these shoes.

here is a small sampling of our many quality vintage hats

Double click on each picture for a quality enlargement.

SPECIAL SALE on Vintage Hats $20.00 each when you purchase five or more.

A white Floral spring necklce

WE have a large selection of prime vintage jewelry, ranging from 1950's plastics, glitter Lucite,fabulous enamels, (like this piece) rhinestone, Bakelite and more.


Funky cool phone still works...yummy

This vintage phone was with created with candy wrappers
and hand made papers by C. Reinke. and yes, it works.
Why does Reinke have a passion for redoing rotary phones? never needs a battery!!! and you always can find it!!!
Two features she loves and learned can not live without.
This phone was created for those who love chocolate.

Reinke has created several recycled art pieces using
candy wrappers.It was her daughters idea, who started
using bubble gum wrapperson a purse. Candy is yummy
and comes in wonderful colorful packages!

Vintage is the wave of our funky future

Wearing Vintage is good for the environment. It is GREEN.

Womens vingae Dress's from 1930 -1980!

We here at funkyfindzonline have hundreds of dresses,
long and short sleeve, so many fabrics wool, silks cotton.
classic black.All the colors of the rainbow.
Reinkes favorite are the bright floral and
psychotic paisley prints of the 1960's
and the durability and resilience of the polyesters.

Cotton,natural fibers, silks, lined bodice,
bright colors, unique sytles, one of a kind,
quality made (made in the UNITED STATES and/or UNION MADE)
detailing, swinging style...all marks of the vintage women's dress.

Be unique...make a statement...wear vintage...BE GREEN
wear recycled clothing i.e. vintage. no packaging,
no slave labor, no creation of additional waste products.

Think about it.

Large selection of vintage long gowns. The Funky Maxi!

One of the largest collections of beautiful "maxi" gowns,of the
1960's (Remember those?)they are becoming very popular with the
novo hippie. Other gowns can be purchased for those special
brides wishing to put together a truly unique presentation.
A wedding that is green and less formal.

Retail from $35.00-$250.00

Many sizes available. Bright bold colors and all one of kind
and rare pieces in very good condtion. The long dress is back
in style this spring.

Large selection of mens Funky and Groovey shirts

I have found it amusing in many ways that men have picked up
their fashion sense.Thankfully! Many in the bigger cities have
turned increasingly to vintage clothing. The tuxedo shirts
with the ruffled collar are simply divine on a strong tight
bodied man. Yes the light pink and coral especially make a fashion
statement that is both sexy and distinctive.

Remember men, leave those buttons open for us

Rare Vintage show girl dress, cursed from its previous unfunky owner?

This rare circa 1960's vintage Las Vegas Show Girl dress,
zippers down the front. It has fingerless gloves, panties
and bra. it has been featured in The theatrical production
"Gypsy Rose Lee". It is somewhat notorious however
and maybe cursed.

It was last owned by a nefarious unethical stripper,
who not only striped for a buck but she stripped whomever
she could con. A gifted Physic reported that the busty stripper
who left the dress behind, in from yet another friendship
gone sour, may have even stolen the dress!

She also said that her peaceful seductive demur, was a camouflage
for near demonic pent up anger against men and women
alike for she was sexually frigid.

Her mean spirit may still reside in the dress, henceforth, it is very
alluring to men and women alike. This dress should not be wore
for more than a few hours or the evil "She" women that once wore
it could take temporary possession of the wearer.

Watch out men and ladies alike for a blue eyed lady with
long eyelashes but short on conscience.

Can clothing be cursed?

Does this dress entice you? Covet it not, for it is under lock and key. Safe in frankincense filled wooden chest. Some say her pre-ghost is searching for her lost beauty and figure that she once had when she could fit into the small sexy gown.

Find our Funky hand made art and vintage clothing

All posting only .2o cents each!!! Allot better than EBay to be sure
but not as good as free. Etsy is very sophisticated when it come
to search engines. Within a week on myspace it was and has been
my primary sponsor. And they do have a great link .

I have to admit that I have had disappointment
however, with this venue. I am not alone.
It is a beautiful presentation. It is very large.
My biggest criticism? It does not allow you post any
links whatsoever to any site outside of its own.
This seems unfriendly to me. The world of the web to
me is about linking, creating your own personnel mini
web of connectivity.

Always as a gallery director, I sincerely believed,
that the more an artist could get his/her work exposed,
the better.I never had an artist enter into a contractual
non compete clause. I hope that changes this policy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catherine and Mariah at Exhibtour

A large selection of handmade Jewerly

A Funky Gallery for funky artists, maybe moving to Key West?

Funky Findz Gallery hosted several talented
artists, including Nancy Doering, Bruce Wittenberg-Martin,
Jack Rucski and Rhiannon. Catherine Reinke was the
featured and most prominent artist.
Funkyfindonline artists are patiently waiting for
that 'reopen'. However, Reinke is reconsidering a Wausau
location. Her love of Key West, it's free lifestyle
and community of artists, is alluring.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A place to buy and sell handmade art and jewerly or vintage items.

Wellcome! We give you a big Funky kiss!!!

One of our first postings. We thought that this was a
funky fabulous picture of lips. We here at funkyfindzonline
believe in lip stick, allot of it. For many of us are admitted
addicts, who refuse rehabilitation.

Lip stick a women's greatest fashion statement. For Catherine Reinke
it can not be bright enough. Her favorite? Yvesaintlaurent from
Pris France. Once only I could find it in Macy's in Milwaukee
Mayfair Mall, then they up and left. OK $28.00 is allot for gloss.
Yet, their colors were couture! A vintage pink I will never forget.

A Funky and frightening monkey head necklace

A Funky and somewhat
frightening photo from C. Reinke of
a Tibetan Monks prayer necklace,
with monkey heads and jade beads
from Key West Florida
Ripley's Believe It Or Not,
on Duvall St.

check out this link for writters of books and poetry

Photos by C. Reinke HAUNTED HOUSE