Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to get to front page of ETSY? At long last an item made it to the FRONT PAGE of etsy!!

I have been to date featured in 50 treasuries which you can view here at etsy treasuries . I have only made a few myself, as they are very time consuming. I made two Halloween themed collections, Black and White Halloween , Handmade Halloween and one for Recycled Art which I included one of my own items, My Funky Suitcase. It is suggested that when you do make a collection that you do not use your own items. I dislike this suggestion very much. As I said they are very time consuming, granted they are lots of fun to make and you get to see allot of great things out in the world of etsy.

The item that made it is
this mother of pearl shoe clip

It was featured in pewter and pine , which I love and also in Treasures from the sea. I use craftopolis to keep track of my items that are listed in a Treasury yet this treasury that was featured is not indicated. Furthermore, I never received any notification that I was featured. I had to search craftopolis because I noticed that my views for that day hit the roof, and specially for that item, on This Friday it received 17 hearts alone. Therefore I knew what item to look for. It is interesting to note that I did not make a sale on the day that I was listed on the front page, I had 1411 page views and 408 visitors that day. I received 13 shop hearts and 33 individual favorite hearts, with 17 going to the featured item with 285 page views for this item alone!

The shop that created the list is lillipopsdesigns
She has made 99 treasuries
I have no idea how she finds the time, nor do I know how many times her lists have been featured. I was never informed by this seller that I was featured, more than likely she does not have the time. This collection was named

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ARTIFRE item Listed in BIZRATE

I was doing a search for a dress listing that I had lost and discovered that I had been placed on this web site. This dress is the only item that they have chosen and it is from ARTFIRE. Many stores are on this site, such as JC PENNYS and Spiegel l it appears to be a site that rates a store. What I wonder is how they picked me up. Did artfire submit? WEll my sales on artfire are slow, I only have 32 or so and hardly anyone leaves Karma, or feedback. It is not that easy of a process. What do they do? I am curious how they collect their information to make a rating.

as it stands this dress has only received about 97 views, not a crazy amount . My questions is this a new site? It does not appear to be interactive, other than allowing you to search items and see the stores rating and then go directly to the store.

On this page you can see that other stores are listed but mine is unrated when I click the Why it reads

Photos by C. Reinke HAUNTED HOUSE