Sunday, May 31, 2009

A funky free way to post your art. Have you heard of Twittgoo ?

Twitgoo. Have you even heard of it yet? I have enjoyed this ,
I use it to post my art , not silly images of what I had for
dinner or pictures of my back yard. Here is the home
link If you have a twitter account
it will post right away to your site. If others on twitgoo,
like your images, they will "retweet" or RT, them, on
their site and on yours. It is just another FREE venue
for getting your work out there and being seen. It is
far better than sitting in your studio or wherever it
is stored. I am referring to your art, not you, the artist.
We want people to veiw our work, or at least we should.
Ohterwise, isnt it just self indulgence?

Let me know what you think of this venue. I gave you
the home link, here is 'mygoo' if you are interested it shows how many views
you have received and how many times you have been RT or
retweeted. Just sharing what I have learned in
my internet journey.

Thank you Catherine Reinke

Shareing art from the members of United Artists, 23 members strong!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So sad to live in the days of blue jeans and tennis shoes. watch this and lament.Where has our Funky fashion gone?

These wonderful gowns are some of the finest I have ever seen.
I have often lamented how women have lost so much pride
when it comes to how they present themselves. Few bother to even put
on a dress when they go out to dinner , to church,
or even to the theater.

Granted this does not hold true in the bigger cities,
where, thankfully women hold a competitive edge with one
another in how they present themselves.
I moved to Wausau, from Milwaukee and will never forget
the culture shock when my family and myself were completely
overdressed the first time we went to
the civic center for a play. We sere out of place,
we stuck out like sore thumbs. Well I was dress Funky, admittedly,
but with a touch of class. S.o I like to think

In the bigger cities, one tends to dress when they go the theater.
Not so in Wausau Wisconisn, it was blue jeans, tennis shoes and tea
shirts. The majority mind you, not all.

So for those of you who deep down wish to dress bit more
extreme, maybe even so. You will feel better about
your self, bright color influences our emotions, and make a
statement. And encourage others to do so too.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Another example of the Funky and creative work of C.Reinke

The collage artist C. Reinke considers herself
both a Funky collage and recycled artist. Dumpster diving
is imperative to her work. Taking items that others have simply
thrown away, because they lost there value somehow:
it went out of fashion, got dirty,or they simply grew tired of
it and out to the trash it goes. Reinke believes that our
society far to often treats individuals similarly. Nothing
nor anybody should ever lose its value, not in Reinkes eyes,
neither people or what others call junk. Reinke has a passion
for old chairs and suitcases and bringing them back to life.

Here she takes a 1960's hairdryer
that still works and collage it with vintage newspapers
and handmade papers and trims. This is a delightful and Funky piece
for anyone who owns a hair saloon. For sale for only $65.00.
See more of this item at

The wonderful Funky recyled bikes of Catherine Reinke

Collage artist Catherine Reinke takes old vintage bikes,
many found in junk yards and re purposes them into fun,
funky fantasy. Many of her bikes are the classic shwinn or Huffy.

When Reinke was in Key West Florida, this concept was not new
to the local "conchs". They have been taking their bikes and
making them individual by painting them because of the high
rate of bike theft was such a problem. This was reported to
Reinke by a reliable source.

It is easy to spot a crazy colored painted bike as your own, Reinke
however, took it one step farther by applying glitter, jewels, papers,
trim and fur seats.

There is nothing on this earth better than riding one of
these Funky bikes in the warm Florida sunshine, palm trees sighing

Photos by C. Reinke HAUNTED HOUSE