Saturday, April 24, 2010

Featured in a etsy Treasury and found a great artist all at once

the owner of the shop who sells this work created a Treasury that
included an item from my store, when I went to visit his site I came
across his fabulous work that I feel in love with . It is so funky,
kitsch and original. I would love to own one of his prints.
This one is one of my favorites. to see his store click on this link

Photograph - Welcoming the World to the Pageant of
Plastic Prophecy, 1964 - Limited Edition

This fine art photograph is now available as a limited
edition Digital C-print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper
with a glossy finish. Your purchase will be carefully
packaged and will include a signed and numbered
Certificate of Authentication, and special instructions
on how to care for your new fine art print.

Let your visitors know they are stepping into a fun
and quirky home. "Welcoming the World to the Pageant
of Plastic Prophecy, 1964" is perfect for adorning an
entryway. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by lovely
ice skaters and grinning kewpies?

Greetings and Welcome to our Plastic Prophets paradise!
Here you will find wonders to delight, the worshipped
and the worshipper, astonishing transformation, and
dreams for bright lights and the big city. Come a little
closer and peer past the veil into our mystic revelations.
The discoveries that await you! Are you ready? Take
my hand and follow me.

Please Note: The photograph you are purchasing is
the first picture shown. The following pictures are
provided to show you how my elaborate photographic
dioramas are staged. Shown last is the Certificate
of Authenticity (COA) you will receive with your purchase.

Edition Size: 10
Paper Size: 24 x 24"
Image Size: 18.6 x 20.1"
Price: $450
Added on Apr 20

The artist put together
a Treasury called
Bavarian Wonders
Check it out. The child's lederhosen
is the item that is featured in
this treasury.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An invitation for other artists for a reduced rate

Time is running out, I was only given 5 invites. You will not be able to get this price without clicking on this link! Just think you will save $4.00 every month on your new store. I really like this on line venue, the functionality of the store is great. You can list as many items as you want and only pay the one fee, they do not expire in 3 months like etsy does and they do not take any fee once the item sells.

also there is a great importer tool so you can import your whole etsy store or one item at a time.

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Photos by C. Reinke HAUNTED HOUSE